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High Cholesterol May Lower Your Libido

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

High stress is also associated with very high or low levels of cholesterol, which can result in a lowered libido.

The cholesterol connection
Your body uses cholesterol to make healthy levels of sex hormones. This is an interesting conversion and knowing about it can help you make healthier choices. You see, every fat that you include in your diet or take in supplements will end up as the fuel for some important process in your body. Good cholesterol is made from consuming good fats such as Omega-3 and evening primrose oil. Conversely, consuming bad fats will make bad cholesterol and bad (inflammatory) hormones.

High cholesterol can reduce libido
Stress blocks the enzyme that converts cholesterol into hormones. Think of a dam along a peaceful river: If you block the river, water will begin to fill behind the dam and flood the nearby landscape. Water below the dam will be reduced to a trickle. This is what happens when stress blocks cholesterol from being converted into hormones:

  • Blood levels of cholesterol build up.
  • Sex hormones that support a healthy libido trickle down.

Managing stress is the key to solving many of the cholesterol-related problems that result in low libido.

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