GMP Ingredients Make Safer Products

A multiple vitamin is more than just a vitamin, it’s a complete set of life-enhancing nutrients

Adhering to GMP standards is very important when working with complex vitamins. Take for example TriVita’s multiple-vitamin pill, VitaDaily Am/PM Vitamins. It contains seven classes of nutrients:

  1. Vitamins – The word vitamin is a shortened form of the term “vital amine.” The best way to think of vital amines is that they drive action. If you want your immune system to fully defend you against skin cancer, you feed it vitamin A. If you want your immune system to provide protection from a cold virus, you nourish it with vitamin C. If you want your bone marrow to make healthy red blood cells, you nourish your bone marrow with vitamin B-12.Vitamins drive action. We need vitamins because we are active in more ways than science can begin to understand!
  1. Macro minerals – All minerals come from the earth. Our bodies are made up of the elements of the earth. So, macro minerals provide the foundation for the human form. We know that bones need calcium to be healthy. The energy molecule ATP is built on a foundation of the mineral magnesium. Even the delicate balance of fluid in your body is built on a mineral foundation. That’s why potassium balance is so critical.
  1. Trace minerals – Trace minerals often serve as the foundation of enzymes. The trace mineral selenium is a good example. It is the foundation for the enzyme glutathione. Glutathione helps protect against cancer and slows the aging process.
  1. Phytonutrients – The VitaDaily Vitamins formula also includes phytonutrients. “Phyto” means plant. So, phytonutrients are the known and unknown nutrients that are present in plants. Many of these phytonutrients are connected to enzymes.
  1. Enzymes – An enzyme is a complex joining of proteins, minerals, vitamins and other nutrient fractions that modulate basic functions. Think of the way oil and vinegar appear to mix when you shake the mixture. Enzymes provide this effect for the proteins, starches, fats and other ingredients in food.
  1. Amino acids – Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Every cell in your body needs amino acids. There are two kinds: essential, meaning you must get them from your diet; and non-essential, meaning your body can make them.
  1. Essential fatty acids – Essential fatty acids form the membrane around every cell. Just as a house needs walls, cells need membranes made from essential fatty acids.

These seven classes of nutrients fully mirror the organic foods that serve as a base for VitaDaily Am/PM Vitamins.

Are they safe?
Imagine all of these nutrients combined together as one supplement. You might wonder, “How can I be sure that none of them are contaminated?” This is certainly a very fair question considering the current epidemic of contaminated products on the market. The answer is – we recommend only supplements made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.

You see, until July 2008, a supplement manufacturer could purchase its raw ingredients from anyone. This led to trouble; news stories reported that the quality of vitamins and supplements could be suspect, or even contaminated. And recently, it has been discovered that even some pharmaceuticals out sourced to China have been laced with toxic substances.

The supplements we recommend, though, have never had those troubles. Because from our start, we made the decision to recommend only supplements made using pharmaceutical-grade raw ingredients. This costs more money than choosing unregulated ingredients. But, our unwavering commitment has always been to recommend the safest and most effective products for our community.

This means that everything you purchase from our web site will be the very best of its kind in the marketplace, no matter how simple or complex the product.

It’s a very important truth: better ingredients make better and safer products. This should make you feel good about purchasing the supplements you find at LpVitamins.

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